About Us

AmbatY.com is an Innovative & Unique E-Commerce Platform.

Providing EffectiveEfficient and Economical means to Launch or Promote your product.

Key Features of our E-Commerce Platform

1) Free Home Delivery on all orders with our innovative delivery model

2) All orders are always COD. Yes, customer doesn't have to pay upfront, ever!

3) No minimum order value concept. You order any product, it qualifies for a free home delivery.

4) First time in India, customers can also place offline orders through their Delivery Partners.

5) Direct feedback from end Customers

6) Onsite replacement warranty on applicable products. You raise a request our delivery partner will replace a product under warranty for free

Benefits to the Product Manufacturer

1) Launch your product for FREE

2) Promote sales of your product for FREE

3) Bulk sale of your product

4) Get high number of first time buyers in a very cost effective way

5) Very economical way to increase your customer base

6) Receive direct feedback from the end customers. (Feedback is not posted on our website)

7) Manufacturer can customise the feedback questions

What does it cost to Launch / Promote your product?

Nothing!! it is absolutely FREE. Only that you provide your product for a promotional price.